Sam - Yim


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  • Playing sports ( Table tennis , Basketball , Track and Field )
  • Reading
  • watching movies
  • photography

Research Interest

  • Innovation
  • Mechanism and Product design
  • Robotic
  • VR/AR



C/C++,C# , Python, MATLAB, Visual Basic

Middleware & Libraries & container

Robotic Operating System (ROS), OpenCV, Docker

Embedded Devices

Arduino, Raspberry pi(3B/3B+), NVIDIA Jetson TX2


Pi camera, Depth camera (D435)

CAE/CAD/CAM/Machining skills

Solidworks, Abaqus / Ansys Classic, Comsol, 3D printer(FDM/LCD), Laser cutting, 3D scanning

Simulator/Game engine

Gazebo, Unity



M.S. in Robotics

2020 - present

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Master's Degree, Taiwan

B.S. in Mechanical engineering

2015 - 2019

National Chung Cheng University (CCU), Taiwan

Secondary school

2009 - 2015

T.W.G.Hs Li Ka Shing College (LKS), Hong Kong



  • CHIANG- C.-K. (TW), CHEN- S.-Y. (TW), HUANG- Y.-H. (TW), LIN- C.-Y. (TW), LO- F.-Y. (TW), LEE- C.-H. (TW), LIN- Z.-Y. (TW), HSIEH- Y.-C. (TW), TCHEN- S.-T. (TW), LEE- C.-Y. (TW), SU- Y.-C. (TW), CHEN- F. (TW), LIN- W.-I. (TW), LIU- C.-H. (TW), YIM- L.-S. (HK), LEI- W.-S. (MO), SU- S.-F. (TW), LEE- C.-I. (TW)
    Patent Number : I718431

  • Journal

  • C.-L Lu*, J.-T. Huang*, C.-I Huang, Z.-Y. Liu, C.-C. Hsu, Y.-Y. Huang, S.-C. Huang, P.-K. Chang, Z. L. Ewe, P.-J. Huang, P.-L. Li, B.-H. Wang, L.-S. Yim, S.-W. Huang, M.-S Bai, H.-C. Wang, (*Equal Contribution)
    “A Heterogeneous Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Blimp Robot Team for Search and Rescue using Data-driven Autonomy and Communication-aware Navigation”
    submitted to Field Robotics - Special Issue: Advancements and lessons learned during Phase I & II of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge. 2021

  • Under Review

  • L.-S. Yim*, Q.-T. Vo* , C.-I Huang ,C.-R. Wang , W.- McQueary , H.-C. Wang , H.-K. Huang and L.-F. Yu (*Equal Contribution)
    “WFH-VR: Teleoperating a Robot Arm to set a Dining Table across the Globe via Virtual Reality”
    submitted to IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). 2022
  • Projects


    A detecting instrument that evaluates the risk of tooth decay with saliva

    We used synthetic biology technology to modify bacteria to detect targets which would cause tooth decay. These bacteria will be attached to test paper and freeze dried to preserve them until use. Also, we innovated a machine which will take a series of actions to activate the bacteria and a system that detects the strength of the excited light caused by Bacteria interacting with the targets and uses Bluetooth to upload the data, first to a cellphone and then to a server. The data are input into a model calculated by machine learning , and the results sent back to the user’s cellphone to show the risk of cavities.

  • 2017 IGEM (Awards: Silver Medal)
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    EE622, No. 1001, Daxue Road, East District, Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


    +886 961541270